Darkhorse Creative is a team of premier talent that provides brands with the intellectual horsepower of a big ad agency without the lengthy timeframes and slick attitude that often accompany it.


we don't dictate. We listen, suggest and present ideas that support your vision.


we do it right. imaging, motion, advertising, tradeshow, trademark systems, literature, collateral for any medium.


we do efficient. you don't have to outspend them when you out think them.


We are small by design and humble, BUT WE'RE NOT A BUNCH OF Wussies  EITHER.

— WORK —

— TEAM —


I'm just five years old. I have long, straight blond hair and a mind of my own. I can take care of myself. So I pack my suitcase with all of the necessities (at that time it was my prized Barbie® collection) and I head out on my own. I make it to the corner of our large suburban lot and sit down to take a break and think over my options. Today I still have that little girl’s determination but I better understand the importance of being part of a successful team. At Darkhorse, we treasure the relationships we have built with our client partners. We focus on helping their brands stand out in the marketplace. Just like Barbie has for so many decades.


Much to my Mom’s displeasure, I drew on everything when I was a kid: books, magazines, envelopes, walls, doors… well, you get the picture. I was constantly scrounging for paper. I broke down cardboard boxes and trimmed them into more manageable shapes. I hoarded brown paper grocery bags to cut apart, flipping them inside-out to expose the unprinted side. Why am I telling you all this? Because solving a problem sometimes requires looking at things a little differently, and no one embraces that philosophy more than the Darkhorse team. Each one of us brings a fresh perspective to the table. No boundaries, no holding back, no joke. It’s more than how we do things, it’s how we get things done at Darkhorse.


Why Darkhorse? Besides the fact that my favorite Beatle chose the same name for his record label and wrote a song about it? There's also the comic book company. And what about Katy Perry? Good company to keep, right? The truth is I can't claim the name as my idea. It was a team effort. We believe in team dynamic mixed with great individual effort. The name describes our culture of getting our shot and then beating the odds. Being underestimated by some and discounted along the way by others. The single most important driving factor we share as a team is caring enough to not accept the well worn path. So that brings us to this simplification: No matter the size of the task, if you don't find a WOW somewhere along the way, maybe it's time to take a chance on the dark horse.


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